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Browse MMFR

When you click the Browse-the-MMFR-Book button, you will be re-directed to a portal

dedicated to browse-and-view content. The MMFR digital book is a FREE to view offering.

1. Click on the link to arrive at

2. Create a user id log in for yourself, using a valid mail id – and you are good to go!

3. Log in to the portal. In the FREE section, find the tab called MMFR regulation.

4. Click on the thumbnail, find the play button and click through.

A new tab will open. Click on the image at the centre of the screen and the screen will fill with an infographic. Each box in that infographic is a clickable.

5. Browse the regulation. All cross-references are hyper-linked. Some concepts have associated videos.

Enjoy the experience!

And if you have a video idea, use the MakeMyVideo feature and ask your video to be made and hosted. You will know when it is loaded: You will receive a mention as the contributor!



ebook tab.png
Cross-referenced, so you can go back and forth.
Videos embedded.
Use the MakeMyVideo feature to see your articulation come to life!
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