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Packaged retail investment and insurance products (PRIIPs) are at the core of the retail investment market. They are investment products that banks typically offer to consumers, for example, when they want to save for a specific objective such as a house purchase or for a child’s education.

The PRIIP Regulation obliges those who produce or sell investment products to provide investors with key information documents (KIDs).

KIDs should be a maximum of 3 pages and provide clear information on investment products.


KIDs should include the following information

1. The name of the product and the identity of the producer


2. the types of investors for whom it is intended


3. the risk and reward profile of the product, which includes a summary risk indicator, the possible maximum loss of invested capital and appropriate performance scenarios of the product


4. the costs investors have to bear when investing in the product


5. information about how and to whom an investor can make a complaint in case there is a problem with the product or the person producing, advising on or selling the product

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