Introduction to KYC-AML

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The Focus on ML

Get to know why the fous on Money Laundering is required and how world-wide financial institutions are ML focussed

The Ills that are the focus of KYC AML

The reasons for the focus on ML and the ill-effects of ML to the economy and society is dealt with in this session

The Role of Money

Get to know about how money plays role in Money Laundering

An Industry wide Effort

Find out what efforts are being made in the Financial institution industry to avoid money laundering

The process of ML

Money laundering is usually well planned. Find out the process of money laundering

The Law on KYC AML

Get to know about the laws on KYC_AML

Home and Host

ML usually occurs across borders. In order to understand how ML happens between countries it is important to know about the Home and Host concept

Implications for banks

ML has severe implications on Banks. Find out the implications of ML on Banks.

Process View

ML is best taken care of by a sound KYC. Learn about the processes and core elements involved in KYC.

CoB in KYCAML context

Establish the link between Client On Boarding and KYC-AML measures.

Client Background information

The fist step in the KYC is the Client background information. This helps us to know the complete details of the client.

Getting the Name Right

Verification of the name is the first step in CIP. Get to

Understanding Entity Types

It is important to understand the Entity types and the nature of business to understand the transactions of any enterprise. Understanding Entity is an important part of KYC.

Additional Information

Notable additional information adds to the general information about the customer and comes handy during implementation of AML measures

Due Diligence

Let us understand why Due diligence is important and what steps are involved in due diligence

Simplified & Enhanced Due Diligence

Some set of customers require simplified due diligence while others require enhanced due diligence. This module helps us understand when and how SDD and EDD is done

Customer Acceptance Policy

The second core element of KYC is Customer Acceptance Policy. Let us understand how this is done

Transaction Patterns inML

It is important to know the transaction patterns of the customer as monitoring the accounts is a part of KYC

Sweep Accounts and ML

Let us get to know what sweep accounts are and how are they connected to AML

Technology in AML solution

This module helps us understand how technology helps AML.